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Search Engine Optimization

We use an incremental and steady approach to search engine optimization combining keyword analysis, content engineering, and eCommerce website structure design. Our goal is to maximize your website’s product and brand exposure in key areas by increasing keyword rankings, conversions and site traffic.

Keyword analysis

At the core of the setup phase is keyword analysis for your market, researching primary and long-tail keywords. We’ll see how you match up currently, and set a course for improving your visibility.


Content is the overall most important element of your website. We’ll create or help you create great content that integrates our topic and keyword research to propel and strengthen your search results page rank.


The more quality sites link to your great content, the more Google sees you as an expert in your market. And experts rank higher. We’ll identify potential good backlink opportunities to bolster your keyword rankings.

Methodical Approach

As an eCommerce SEO agency, we continually study what’s important to Google and other search engines, and put that knowledge into improving your site’s placement opportunities. Search engine optimization is a long-term effort requiring continual change. Our methodical approach will build you a stronger organic presence, increase and protect your position as future search engine updates and new competitors enter your market.

Whether your business is national or local, our safe and proven SEO techniques will increase your page ranking and visibility for ideal keywords in Google and other search engines. We look at the structure your site, make or suggest relevant and authoritative content fixes, adjustments and additions.

We Can Either Teach or Do

The most successful eCommerce sites are those with direct hands-on by store owners and staff. You are the experts in your products and field and are the most important source of great content. We can teach you how to ideally optimize your content.

On the other hand, if you and your team prefer to have us optimize your content, we can provide continual content improvement of your products, categories and informational pages.

With our affordable eCommerce SEO services we will:

  • Outline a growth strategy
  • Improve your rankings for important keywords
  • Maximize your organic online traffic and exposure
  • Protect your position with long-lasting content optimization

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