Articles About Catalog Design, Ecommerce, Product Photography and SEO

Browse our ever-expanding list of articles about catalog design, catalog layout, catalog production management and catalog photography. Whether you are hiring a design or photography company (such as us!) or doing it yourself, you’ll find lots of excellent tips for making a better catalog.

Catalog Design Articles

Catalogs are Making a Comeback – See why and how to best use catalogs in your marketing.
Rules of Good Catalog Design – The 10 most important rules to making a good catalog.
Catalog Production Cost Saving Tips – How to save money during all facets of catalog production.
The Catalog Production Process – Handy suggestions on making your catalog project go smoothly.
Producing a Catalog – New to managing the process of making a catalog? This article is for you.
Catalog Printing Tips – 6 tips to save money and avoid delays.
Glossary of Catalog Printing Terminology – Understand what the printer is saying.
Description of Catalog Printing Methods – Learn printing press differences to help you get the right press for your catalog.

Product Photography Articles

Getting Good Product Photography – 7 important tips to getting good product photos.
Making Good Product Photography – 8 must follow tips for shooting your own product photos.

SEO Articles

SEO Tools & Software – Our recommendations for website optimization
SEO Take it Slow – What we learned about waiting for results.