Excellent Photography – Excellent Prices!

Having great product photos for your online store will dramatically enhance your sales and customer satisfaction. Our commercial product photography services are geared for print and e-commerce catalogs, with top-quality techniques in imaging and workflow to deliver excellent images at terrific prices.

$49.95 Product Photos

Prices above are for tabletop single items shot on a white background. Our print catalog quality photography creates a high quality image complete with clipping path, background removed, and saved in two formats – high resolution, 300 dpi, CMYK for catalog printing and low resolution, 72 dpi, RGB for web/internet catalog use. Group shots, shots on a non-white background, items larger than table top, items that require special props and clothing may cost more. You pay for shipping both ways. Depending on quantity turnaround time is usually 2-5 business days.

How Do We Get Started?

Simply ship us your products. Call us or contact us by email to let us know they’re on their way. Include any specific instructions and your contact information.

Our shipping address is:
g2 Catalog Design
2232 Devon Avenue
Eugene, OR 97408